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Restorative Dentistry

patients2Restorative dentistry refers to the integrated treatment of oral health problems and the process of restoring your teeth to a healthy aesthetic and functional state. What this includes can vary drastically depending on the individual. At Signature Dentistry of Colorado we understand and appreciate that every smile is different, and thus we strive to provide every patient with a customized solution that fits his or her unique needs. We are dedicated to providing results that last a lifetime, so it is necessary to begin the restoration process with a thorough consultation to discuss your oral health and dental care needs. This way, we can agree upon a treatment plan, taking into consideration your budget, comfort and how your smile might change over time.

The goal of almost all restorative procedures is to preserve as much of the original tooth structure as possible. In the case of decayed or broken teeth, an extraction is often avoided at all costs. Instead, we might recommend a filling to remove the decayed material, or the use of a crown or bridge to support and strengthen the remaining teeth. Your natural, healthy teeth are always the best thing for your oral health, so we do all we can to preserve them.

If you have advanced periodontitis (gum disease) or severely decayed teeth, an extraction may be necessary. In the case of missing teeth, we usually recommend that a patient receive dental implants. The gaps from missing teeth can lead to speech difficulties, chewing challenges, increased stress on the remaining teeth or increased decay as food gets trapped in the gap where the missing teeth were located.

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