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Signature VIP Experience

At Signature Dentistry, we offer patients our Signature VIP Experience.


Each Signature Dentistry practice uses advanced techniques and technology to provide you with exceptional care and a wonderful experience.

Some of our features include:

• Our Signature Smile technique lets you see what your smile will look like on you before you commit to treatment.
• The ability for you to relax and watch a movie with noise cancelling headphones during treatment.
• Digital imaging for accurate diagnosis and reduced radiation exposure.
• A modern, relaxing environment.


Started in 1977 by Dr. Bennett and Dr. Wilson, our independent, family owned practices have been serving metro Denver for over 35 years. While Denver has changed in that time, our values have stayed true.

Some of our guiding principles are:

• Treat every patient like family.
• Our motto is: “Do The Right Thing, With The Right People, For The Right Reasons.”
• Never stop learning.
• Give back to the community.


Though you may not fully understand the education, techniques, and technology that go into our implant, restorative, and smile design treatments, you will surely appreciate the difference in results.

This is what you can expect:

• A smile that is beautiful, natural, and unique… like you! See our smile gallery for Before and After results.
• Peace of mind knowing our work is backed by our Signature Smile Warranty.

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

What our clients say about our work

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